Investment programs
Access, Knowledge and Experience

We give access to our network, infrastructure, purposely build startup studio loaded with specialists to give early stage startups and open innovation projects their best chance to succeed.

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More than just cash investment

With our programs, you get full dream team departments to support you in delivering your vision.

  1. Cofounder program. Ideal for entrepreneurs.
    · That have identified an opportunity and completed their research.
    · Have a business model to be tested.
    · Are ready to start building an MVP.
    · Looking for cofounders.
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  2. Growth program. Designed for startups.
    · That have achieved POC.
    · Ready to scale their customer or user base.
    · Is generating revenue.
    · Looking to grow their team.
    · Looking for advisors or involved investors.
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  3. Get funded. Investment Network.
    For experienced entrepreneurs, scale-ups with their own teams, innovation projects or spin-offs just looking for expansion and growth funding.
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Are you an investor?

Check how to partner with Startup Venture Builder to deliver your investment strategy.

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We support entrepreneurs, startups and corporates in their efforts to incubate, launch and grow solid digital projects.

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