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Sep 13, 2023 11:00:00 AM | Founder of the Week Founder of the Week 37 - 2023 | Little Rebels

Meet Marjorie Spitalnik, the visionary entrepreneur behind "Little Rebels." Discover her journey of empowerment, education, and gender equality in our Founder of the Week feature. #entrepreneurship #womeninbusiness

In this edition of our "Founder of the Week" series, we have the pleasure of introducing Marjorie Spitalnik, the visionary entrepreneur behind "Little Rebels". Marjorie's journey into entrepreneurship is not just a story of business creation but a tale of empowerment, education, and the pursuit of gender equality.

  • Name: Marjorie Spitalnik
  • Company: Little Rebels
  • Location: United States
  • Online Presence: Website | Social Media

A Mission to Rewrite History:

What motivated Marjorie to start "Little Rebels" was her determination to address a critical gap in education and representation. She noticed the dearth of women's stories in her daughter's textbooks and decided to take matters into her own hands. Marjorie's entrepreneurial journey began when she embarked on a mission to teach her daughter about iconic women in history by creating a plush doll collection featuring these remarkable figures.

Unveiling the Market Opportunity:

Identifying a market need is at the heart of any successful business venture. Marjorie discovered her market opportunity when she couldn't find suitable resources to educate her daughter about women's achievements. Realising there was a widespread gap, she leveraged her expertise in toy design to develop an educational toy line that would inspire young minds.

Overcoming the Naysayers:

Early in the company's development, Marjorie faced a significant challenge—widespread skepticism. Many believed that a woman-led venture in the toy industry wouldn't succeed. Major retailers initially rejected her vision. However, Marjorie's unwavering passion and dedication kept her going. She used feedback to improve her products and eventually secured placement with major retailers like Macy's.

The Power of Passion:

When assembling her team, Marjorie looked for a shared passion and a united mission. Little Rebels thrives on the dedication of a team committed to empowering future generations with the stories of remarkable women.

A Vision for the Future:

The long-term vision for Little Rebels is clear—to represent women from all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. They are expanding their product line to include books, board games, TV shows, and more, all with the aim of fostering gender equality and education.

The Essence of Entrepreneurship:

For Marjorie, resilience is the most crucial skill for an entrepreneur, as it enables one to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward.

The Driving Force:

Marjorie's motivation as an entrepreneur is rooted in the potential to make a real impact in the world, particularly in the realm of gender equality.

Words of Wisdom:

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Don't wait for perfection, trust your instincts, and don't let the fear of others deter you from pursuing your dreams.

Marjorie Spitalnik and Little Rebels are on a remarkable journey to rewrite history and inspire a new generation.

Visit to explore their mission and connect with them on social media @wearelittlerebels. If you would like to be part of this journey and invest on the company visit their We Funder page. Thank you for joining us in celebrating Marjorie Spitalnik as our "Founder of the Week."

Full interview below 👇

What motivated me to start Little Rebels was noticing the lack of women on my daughter’s textbooks. Nobody was teaching her about women in history, so I chose to teach her myself, by creating a plush line doll collection inspired by iconic women like Marie Curie.

After noticing the a sense of women stories on textbooks, I searched everywhere for resources to teach my daughter about them. When I noticed that there was nothing around, I decided to put my expertise in toys into action and created this educational toy line.

Since day one everyone would tell me that nobody would ever want to buy a doll from a real woman. I received big NOs from the major retailers I met with. My passion though kept me from quitting and I started getting feedback and applying it to my line. Nowadays, my dolls interact with an app that teaches their stories and we are at major retailers, such as Macy’s.

Passion is the main key for a successful team. A shared mission and vision, and that’s exactly what I looked for when starting Little Rebels.

We want to represent women in all fields and from all backgrounds, cultures and ages. We are expanding our toy line to books, board games, TV shows and more.


The possibility to have a real impact in the world.

To do it. Don’t wait for it to be perfect and trust your gut. Don’t let the fear of others keep you from fulfilling your dream.

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Written By: Raphael Carrondo