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Oct 13, 2023 4:15:16 PM | Founder of the Week Founder of the week 41 - 2023 | Weagle

Discover Lorenzo's journey from wine bar success to cybersecurity innovation with Weagle. Explore entrepreneurship's impact.

Meet Lorenzo, the dynamic founder of Weagle srl. His entrepreneurial journey is a testament to innovation, resilience, and seizing opportunities. Lorenzo's path, which started with an innovative wine bar, led to the creation of Weagle to address critical issues in business privacy.

- Name: Lorenzo Cerrone
- Business: Weagle
- Location:
- Website:

From wine bar to Tech Startup:

Lorenzo's entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age when he opened an innovative wine bar in the heart of Milan, Italy. In just three years, he transformed an initial investment of €80,000 into a successful sale for €450,000 in 2018. This early success set the stage for his entrepreneurial journey, marked by a thirst for innovation.

Discovering Market Needs:

Identifying market needs is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. Lorenzo and his team recognized a significant gap in corporate cybersecurity: the protection of web browsing. While corporations invest millions in safeguarding their digital fortresses, the vulnerability of web browsing remained unaddressed. This realization led to the creation of Weagle, a business tool designed to secure web browsing data, tapping into a vast market of corporations with over 200 employees.

Overcoming challenges:

The early stages of Weagle were marked by technological challenges, with over two years dedicated to perfecting the technology. Such hurdles are common in pioneering ventures. However, the most significant challenge was the extended contract negotiation time with large corporations.

Building a winning Team:

Success hinges on assembling the right team. Lorenzo sought a perfect blend of young managers and a tech-savvy team, complemented by an influential advisory board. This mix fosters the innovation and vision essential to Weagle's growth.

The Long-term vision:

The long-term vision for Weagle is clear—to become the go-to security tool for safeguarding corporate web browsing data. The strategy revolves around the integration of cutting-edge technologies into their privacy ecosystem, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.

The essential entrepreneurial Skill:

Leadership, according to Lorenzo, is the most important skill for an entrepreneur. It's the ability to inspire and guide a team towards a shared vision.

The Driving Force:

What motivates Lorenzo as an entrepreneur? He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, driven by the daily pursuit of innovation and solutions.

Words of Wisdom:

Lorenzo's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple but profound—keep pushing every day.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship:

For Lorenzo, entrepreneurship has had a profound impact on his life, transforming it in countless ways.

Inspiring Others:

Lorenzo's entrepreneurial journey with Weagle is an inspiration for innovators and visionaries. Explore Weagle's mission and vision at, and be part of the future of business privacy and web security.


Full interview below 👇

I started my entrepreneurial journey at 21 years old, I opened an innovative wine bar in the centre of Milan Italy, and after 3 years i sold it to 450k € with an initial investment of 80k in 2018, after this I training my self to understand better the startup's world with 2 experiences in the creation of tech c and in 2020 I founded Weagle. I created Weagle because we find a big problem in a segment of business privacy: The business web browsing.

We saw that corporates pay millions to protect the company 's castle with cyber security tool, but don't protect browsing web that can be really critical, so we create a business tool for browsing web and so the market is opened for us, and it's a big market because there are hundreds k of big company with more than 200 employees.

We had problems for the creation of the technology, more than 2 years, but it's normal for a new technology like Weagle. After the biggest problem for us is the long time to close contracts with big corporation.

Perfect mix of young managers and tech team, with an important advisoring board and senior that support the ideas of the Weagle's Guys

We want to be the security tool that protect browsing data for corporations. Our strategy is the integration of new technologies in our privacy ecosystem.


I'm a serial entrepreneur, every day I need to think about innovation and solutions.

Keep pushing every day



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Written By: Raphael Carrondo