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Oct 19, 2023 8:45:03 PM | Founder of the Week Founder of the week 42 - 2023 | Inverse

Explore Diego's entrepreneurial journey from gaming startup to Inverse, reshaping the creator economy.

Meet Diego, the visionary founder of Inverse. His entrepreneurial journey is featured in the latest "Founder of the Week" interview by Startup Venture Builder. Diego's evolution from a gaming startup in 2021 to the inception of Inverse in 2022 reflects his keen eye for market needs and relentless drive. His story is a testament to transformative innovation in the creator economy. Discover Diego's insights and be inspired by his journey.

- Name: Diego Martinez
- Business: Inverse
- Location: United Kingdom
- Website:

The Journey of Evolution:

Diego's entrepreneurial journey took off in 2021 with a gaming startup designed to empower players with ownership over their created content. However, a profound realization led him to pivot his vision in 2022 towards a new model.

Discovering Market Needs:

Identifying market needs is the crux of entrepreneurial success. Diego's gaming startup journey revealed a critical issue within the creator economy—the value leakage. This realization served as the catalyst for the pivot in Inverse's direction.

Navigating challenges:

The early stages of Inverse were characterized by formidable challenges, from financial constraints to a co-founder's departure. Yet, Diego's unwavering determination to achieve Product-Market Fit (PMF) remained the driving force.

Building a winning Team:

Team-building is a cornerstone of entrepreneurial triumph. Diego emphasizes the importance of knowing team members well, their professionalism, and the alignment of goals among all. A harmonious team is the linchpin for success.

The Long-term vision:

Inverse's long-term vision is to revolutionize content generation and discovery. Diego envisions this transformation as a catalyst for revitalizing the Telco industry by venturing more deeply into the content market.

The essential entrepreneurial Skill:

According to Diego, resilience is the most vital skill for an entrepreneur. The ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges is pivotal.

The Driving Force:

What motivates Diego as an entrepreneur is the journey of self-discovery that accompanies it. He finds it more enriching and, at times, more arduous than other careers.

Words of Wisdom:

Diego's advice to budding entrepreneurs is succinct yet profound: "Just do it!"

The Impact of Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship has transformed Diego's life, imbuing it with a more modest living and its share of challenges, but it has made every day infinitely more fascinating.

Inspiring Others:

Diego's journey with Inverse is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Explore Inverse's mission and vision at and become a part of the movement to reshape the creator economy.


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I previously in 2021 did a gaming startup to provide ownership to players around the content they created and then in 2022 pivoted into another model

My previous startup led me to realize there was an issue around the creator economy value leak and that made me pivot the company into a direction where I could address this

From running out of money to my cofounder leaving, the biggest obstacle is getting PMF right anyways

Make sure you know them well, they are professional and there is good alignment between them all

To reinvent the way content is generated and discovered, we deeply believe this can help revamp the Telco industry by diversifying into the content market much more


I enjoy the self discovery journey that comes alongside with it, is much more enriching that other careers (and more painful)

Just do it!

A more humble living and bad moments along with it but a much more interesting day to day

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Written By: Raphael Carrondo