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Oct 26, 2023 8:42:20 AM | Founder of the Week Founder of the week 43 - 2023 | Correcto

Discover Correcto's mission to empower Spanish speakers through improved writing skills in this inspiring interview with Abraham López Lee.

- Name: Abraham López Lee
- Business: Correcto
- Location: Spain
- Website: Correcto.es

Today, we are privileged to sit down with Mr. Abraham López Lee, the visionary co-founder of Correcto, an innovative company with a profound mission. Correcto's journey is one of entrepreneurship, passion, and a commitment to improving the lives of millions of Spanish speakers around the world.

Correcto was born out of a profound insight that poor writing skills can significantly impact employability and limit opportunities for Spanish speakers, a challenge that extends globally. No company had dared to confront this issue until Correcto stepped in. With a bold vision to democratize access to good writing, Correcto empowers Spanish speakers of all educational backgrounds to write effectively and communicate their ideas. The platform goes beyond mere correction; it offers explanations, enabling users to learn and enhance their writing skills.

In this enlightening conversation, Abraham shares the motivating force behind Correcto's inception and the critical market need they discovered, which ignited their entrepreneurial journey. Abraham and his co-founder, Ignacio, recognized the need for a platform that could elevate the level of communication in Spanish, and their quest to find a solution led to the birth of Correcto.

As any entrepreneur knows, the early stages of a startup are fraught with challenges. Abraham elucidates on the significant hurdles they faced and their innovative approach to overcoming them. Building a team is a cornerstone of success, and Abraham emphasizes the importance of finding individuals with the right attitude and alignment with Correcto's mission.

Furthermore, we explore Correcto's ambitious long-term vision, with a global reach and a primary focus on Spain, the United States, and Latin America, where the platform can make a substantial impact on the employability and opportunities of Spanish speakers.

Abraham's dedication to helping people transform their lives through improved communication is evident throughout the interview, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is both practical and inspiring. His commitment to Correcto shines as a beacon, motivating him to work tirelessly for the betterment of society.

You can learn more about Correcto by visiting their online presence at Correcto and exploring their insights and updates on their blog. Join us as we delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Abraham López Lee and gain valuable insights into the world of innovative startups.


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What motivated me to start Correcto was that we identified that poor writing skills directly affect employability and limit the employability of Spanish speakers. A problem that is spreading around the world and that to this day no company has confronted. That is why Correcto democratises access to good writing, empowering Spanish speakers to write well regardless of their level of education. In the developing regions of LATAM, where literacy rates can be lower, Correcto increases people's chances of obtaining better paying jobs and higher level opportunities. Correcto aims not only to fill educational gaps, but also to teach. Our product offers corrections and explanations so that users can learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills.

Ignacio and I have lived most of our lives outside Spain, so we identified that the level of communication in Spanish was very weak. Trying to find a solution to improve this problem, we identified that there was no platform that could help them to solve it. At that precise moment, we came up with the idea of developing a platform that would help millions of Spanish speakers around the world to communicate properly.

We have always looked for the best talent, and we work hard every day to build a team with great talent and above all a highly motivated team that wants to transform the world. The recruitment process for a small company can sometimes be a big challenge, which is why we have focused on showing candidates the mission and vision we have at Correcto in such a way that people feel motivated to transform the future of communication in Spanish.

As I mentioned in the previous answer when we look for talent, we want people who have a great attitude and qualities that align with Correcto's day-to-day business. For us it is essential that people love the Spanish language and want to make a big impact on millions of people by improving their communication. I think it is essential that candidates have the opportunity to speak directly with the co-founders at the beginning, as this helps people to connect much more with the project and to want to be part of the startup.

Our reach is global, with a primary focus on Spain, the United States and Latin America. There are more than 591 million Spanish speakers in the world (according to the Cervantes Institute). Of these Spanish speakers, people who cannot write well cannot access higher-level or higher-paying opportunities.Today we have a strong presence in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and the United States, and our goal is to expand strongly throughout Latin America. We want to reach one million users around the world and be the referents of the Spanish language.


I want to help millions of people transform their lives and improve their quality of life.

A very important advice I think is that whatever you are going to start you have to feel 100% identified with the company and committed to the problem you want to solve.

My life has changed a lot, now I feel like a much happier person because I know that I am building something that will help people. That makes me feel very proud and every day motivates me more and more to keep working hard at Correcto.

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Written By: Raphael Carrondo