Founder of the week 47 - 2023 |

Founder of the week 47 - 2023 |

Explore Brian Liu's entrepreneurial journey with SuperWarm.AI, revolutionizing startup investment connections and strategies in our weekly feature.

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Bridging the Gap in the Startup World: The Journey of Brian Liu and SuperWarm.AI

In this week's 'Entrepreneur of the Week', we delve into the story of Brian Liu, the innovative force behind SuperWarm.AI, a company reshaping the landscape of startup fundraising and investment. Brian's journey is not just a tale of entrepreneurial success but a narrative of identifying a significant gap in the market and innovating to fill it.

Brian's foray into entrepreneurship stemmed from his observations within the startup ecosystem. He noticed a pronounced disconnect between innovative founders and potential investors, a gap that extended beyond funding to strategic partnerships crucial for a startup's growth. The traditional methods of connecting founders with investors, often cumbersome and imprecise, paved the way for the inception of SuperWarm.AI. Envisioned as an AI-driven 'business dating app', it was designed to bridge this gap efficiently and intelligently.

The idea for SuperWarm.AI was crystallised through extensive research and interactions with venture capitalists (VCs) and startup founders. These discussions underscored a critical need: startups struggling to find suitable investors and vice versa. Brian, alongside his co-founder Jason, leveraged their combined expertise in finance, FinTech, and entrepreneurial support to create a platform that not only connects startups and investors but also provides vital insights and support.

Embarking on the entrepreneurial path is often riddled with challenges, and Brian's journey was no different. One significant hurdle was making rapid, crucial decisions in a dynamic venture environment, where each choice could significantly impact the company's development. Embracing humility and openness to learning, Brian and his team navigated these challenges by fostering a culture of transparent communication, ensuring well-informed and rapid decision-making. This approach helped build resilience and adaptability, now key strengths of SuperWarm.AI.

When it came to assembling his founding team, Brian prioritised a shared vision and agility. He sought individuals who not only resonated with the mission to revolutionise the startup investment landscape but also possessed the flexibility essential in a startup environment. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is to focus on aligning with the company’s vision and values, and to value agility and versatility in team members.

Looking ahead, SuperWarm.AI aims to establish itself as a global leader, with plans for aggressive international expansion, particularly into the MENA region. Innovation remains at the heart of their strategy, with a 'break things and learn' approach driving continuous evolution of their platform.

Based in the United States, Brian believes that resilience is the most important skill for an entrepreneur. His motivation stems from a passion for innovation and a desire to create meaningful impact. For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, he advises viewing challenges and failures as learning opportunities.

Entrepreneurship has profoundly impacted Brian's life, pushing him out of his comfort zone, fostering personal growth, and building a robust professional network. It has instilled in him a mindset of risk-taking and challenging the status quo.

Brian's story is a testament to the power of innovation and the impact of connecting the right minds in the startup world. For those interested in joining this revolution in startup and venture investment, visit SuperWarm.AI.

SuperWarm.AI is not just a company; it's a movement to redefine the art of startup and venture investment.

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What motivated us to start SuperWarm.AI was the recognition of a significant gap in the fundraising and investment landscape, especially for startups. Having been involved in the startup ecosystem, I observed a recurring challenge: the disconnect between innovative founders and potential investors. This gap was not just about finding funding, but also about the right kind of strategic partnerships that could propel a startup's growth.In the fast-paced world of startups, the traditional methods of connecting founders with investors often fell short. The process was not only time-consuming but also lacked precision and personalization. This is where the idea for SuperWarm.AI took root. We envisioned an AI-driven platform, akin to a 'dating app,' but for the business world, designed to bridge this gap efficiently and intelligently.

Identifying a market need was the cornerstone of starting SuperWarm.AI. We discovered this opportunity through in-depth research and conversations with VCs and startup founders. These interactions revealed a critical gap: startups struggling to find suitable investors and vice versa. Leveraging my co-founder Jason's expertise from the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center and StrtupBoost, and my background in finance and FinTech, we created a platform that not only connects these two groups but also provides them with essential insights and support. Our continuous dialogue with users and industry experts keeps us aligned with the evolving market needs.

One significant challenge was the necessity to make quick and crucial decisions in a dynamic venture environment. This was particularly daunting as each decision had the potential to significantly impact our development and market presence.To navigate through this, we adopted a mindset of humility and openness to learning. We recognized that facing vulnerability and the possibility of failure was an integral part of our growth. This approach allowed us to swiftly learn from any missteps, refining our strategies in real-time.Crucially, we fostered an environment of transparent communication within our team, ensuring that our decisions were not only rapid but also well-informed. Embracing these challenges and learning from them has been pivotal in building the resilience and adaptability that are now core strengths of SuperWarm.AI.

Building a strong team is indeed crucial for a startup's success. When assembling the team for SuperWarm.AI, the key qualities we sought were a shared vision and agility. We needed individuals who not only believed in our mission to revolutionize the startup investment landscape but also had the flexibility to adapt to the fast-paced and often unpredictable nature of startup growth.My advice to others in this regard is twofold: First, prioritize alignment with your company’s vision and values. This ensures that every team member is not just skilled but also passionately committed to the collective goal. Second, value agility and versatility in team members. In a startup environment, roles can evolve rapidly, and the ability to adapt and take on diverse challenges is invaluable.Remember, skills can be taught, but a shared vision and the right mindset are the bedrock of a cohesive and effective team.

The long-term vision for SuperWarm.AI is to establish ourselves as a global leader. A significant part of this vision involves international expansion. As a NYC-based firm, we are now actively expanding into the MENA region, aiming to bridge the gaps in startup funding and strategic partnerships across diverse markets.In terms of product innovation, our approach is to be more aggressive and dynamic. We plan to move faster, embracing the 'break things and learn' philosophy. This means we will be continually testing new features and ideas, learning from failures, and iterating quickly. Our goal is to constantly evolve our platform to meet the changing needs of startups and investors, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation in our industry.Continued success for SuperWarm.AI lies in our ability to adapt, grow, and maintain our commitment to bridging the gap between founders and investors, not just in our current markets, but globally.


A deep-seated passion for innovation and a strong desire to create a meaningful impact. These values drive me to explore new ideas, challenge the status quo, and continuously seek ways to improve and innovate.

The entrepreneurial journey is a continuous learning curve. Also, remember that challenges and failures are inevitable. View them as opportunities to learn and grow rather than setbacks.

Entrepreneurship has profoundly impacted my life by consistently pushing me out of my comfort zone. This journey has been one of constant learning and facing new challenges head-on. It has led to significant personal growth, allowing me to develop not just as a businessperson, but as an individual.Building a strong professional network has been another key aspect of my entrepreneurial journey. This network has slowly but steadily grown, encompassing a diverse range of individuals from various sectors, enriching both my personal and professional life.Moreover, entrepreneurship has instilled in me a mindset to take risks and challenge the status quo. It has encouraged me to think innovatively and pursue paths less traveled. This approach has not only been crucial for my business ventures but has also been incredibly fulfilling on a personal level.

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Written By: Raphael Carrondo