Founder of the week 49 - 2023 | Boutique Muscat

Founder of the week 49 - 2023 | Boutique Muscat

Discover Hazar Al Zadjali's journey from psychologist to retail pioneer, shaping a community and redefining e-commerce in our Founder of the Week.

- Name: Hazar Al Zadjali
- Business: Boutique Muscat
- Location: undisclosed
- Website:

Founder of the week: Hazar Al Zadjali - A Tale of Resilience, Innovation and Empowerment in Retail.

In this week's "Founder of the Week" feature, we delve into the enthralling journey of Hazar Al Zadjali, a remarkable figure whose transition from psychology to the vanguard of the retail world embodies the spirit of innovation and empowerment. As the mastermind behind Boutique Muscat and, Hazar's story is not just about building businesses, but about shaping a community and redefining an industry.

Hazar's venture into the world of retail began in 2008 with the launch of Boutique Muscat, a pioneering step in the e-commerce fashion and lifestyle arena in the region. This bold move, made at a time when online shopping was still a novel concept, set the stage for what would become a thriving hub for unique products and experiences. Boutique Muscat emerged as more than just a marketplace; it became a congregation point for women who shared a love for culture, style, and community. This vision and drive make Hazar an exemplary subject for our "Founder of the Week."

Recognising a gap in support and guidance for aspiring retail entrepreneurs, especially women, Hazar founded "Take a Leap" in 2010. This platform was a beacon for those navigating the challenging waters of retail entrepreneurship. Over time, evolving into "," it became a cornerstone in Hazar's mission to empower and uplift fellow entrepreneurs. This commitment to mentorship and support highlights the qualities we celebrate in our "Founder of the Week" feature.

In her journey, Hazar encountered and overcame numerous challenges, a testament to the resilience and ingenuity we admire in our "Founder of the Week." One of the early hurdles was navigating local regulatory challenges and cash flow management, a common plight in the entrepreneurial landscape. Hazar turned these challenges into opportunities, famously innovating with events to build brand awareness and community engagement when their signboard was not approved by local authorities.

Building a strong team was pivotal in Hazar's journey, and she focused on bringing together individuals who shared her passion and vision. This approach was key in fostering a team dynamic that was both effective and harmonious, exemplifying the leadership qualities we look for in our "Founder of the Week."

Looking to the future, Hazar has ambitious plans for Boutique Muscat. She envisions it transforming into a GCC-born department store that blends exceptional products with culturally rich experiences, underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and technology. This forward-thinking approach perfectly encapsulates the innovative spirit we seek in our "Founder of the Week."

For Hazar, entrepreneurship is driven by her vision and the desire to make a tangible impact. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be clear in their objectives but flexible in their approach, embracing the inevitable changes and challenges along the way. This adaptability and clarity of purpose are what make her stand out in our "Founder of the Week."

Entrepreneurship has been a journey of self-discovery for Hazar, teaching her to trust in her abilities and understand her strengths in a way that no other career could have offered. She believes entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice, one that demands passion, resilience, and commitment, a sentiment that resonates with the ethos of our "Founder of the Week."

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Hazar Al Zadjali's narrative is not just a story of business creation but a saga of empowering a community and inspiring change in the retail landscape. Her journey is a vivid illustration of the transformative power of entrepreneurship, making her the perfect feature for our "Founder of the Week."

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My entrepreneurship journey has been fueled by a passion for understanding and meeting the needs of women in shopping experiences. While my career initially started as a psychologist at a university hospital, life led me to venture into the world of retail, I had launched Boutique Muscat in 2008, one of the first ecommerce fashion and lifestyle businesses in the region, a little too early for the party! Embracing this new path, I immersed myself in comprehending the unique perspectives of women in the retail landscape. With this knowledge and insight, I founded "Take a Leap," a platform dedicated to supporting upcoming retail entrepreneurs and empowering them to grow their brands, this was in 2010. Boutique Muscat grew quickly, and established a name not only as the go-to place for unique products and gifts but also events. Without realizing we had created a community of smart, generous, cultured and beautiful women. Over time, "Take a Leap" evolved into "," with a continued mission to uplift and assist fellow women in the retail industry. The inspiration behind this growth not only comes from my professional expertise because I started with no retail knowledge, experience or guidance, and I do believe that if I can help you avoid the same mistakes I did, and give you a push to reach your retail goals I will, because one of my goals is to change the retail scene in the region, of course being a mother to four amazing daughters. My girls motivate me to create a legacy of strength and creativity, empowering them to support other women and embrace life's challenges.

It was much simpler in 2008 to identify market opportunity, and take advantage of being the first movers. It used to be a common scene to find 2 or 3 women wearing the same outfit at any occasion, sounds like a simple situation until you're in it. Sustaining the business, however required us finding a different opportunity and market need.

Boutique Muscat has bootstrapped for the longest time, managing cash flow has been a major challenge, also spreading brand awareness and building a community and customer base was not easy for a new brand. One of the main challenges we faced in our first location was that our signboard was not approved by the local authority responsible for retail shop fronts, we had to get creative and that is how we got known for our events, creating memorable experiences to let potential customers know where we are. We eventually launched a sister company that manages events.

When you are starting out, the main requirement would definitely be sharing the same passion and vision for the business, and a partner that compliments your strengths.

We want to continue to be the hub for cultured women that appreciate good products and are looking for an enjoyable, stress free experience. Within the next 3-5 years we look to launch a GCC born department store, that focuses on experiences as well as products that are culturally relevant, and to have experience, sustainability and technology on the forefront of our decisions.

Definitely the vision I have and the ability to bring it to life, as well as the impact I believe I can have in the world. In addition to that, entrepreneurship gives you the ability to really know yourself, your strengths and every day is very different,

Be very clear with your goals and what you want, and very flexible with how you can reach those goals. You need to expect plans to change all the time.

It has shown me and taught me a lot about myself that any other job would not have done, you have to learn to trust yourself.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, even though it seems to be a trend. It is a lifestyle, just as working 9-5 is, it depends what lifestyle you prefer and what lifestyle you perform better in.

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Written By: Raphael Carrondo