Getpin: From Ukrainian Startup to Global Expansion with boost from Presto Ventures

Dec 19, 2023 5:16:03 PM | Investment Getpin: From Ukrainian Startup to Global Expansion with boost from Presto Ventures

Discover Getpin's rise in SaaS with a £400K investment from Presto Ventures, expanding from Ukraine to global markets. A tale of innovation & growth.

In the ever-evolving realm of start-ups, the confluence of innovation, tenacity, and strategic alliances can catapult a company into the stratosphere. Getpin, a Ukrainian SaaS start-up, is a prime example of this trajectory. Over the past four years, Getpin has not only achieved global expansion but has also secured a significant investment from Presto Ventures.

Overview of Getpin:

Founded to aid businesses with physical sales outlets, Getpin utilises online marketing to attract customers seeking nearby goods or services. This SaaS platform distinguishes itself through its ability to amalgamate and synchronise business information and customer feedback across various online platforms, such as Google Business Profile, Bing Places for Business, Apple Business Connect, and Facebook Graph API.

Significant Investment from Presto Ventures:

Getpin's latest accomplishment is the procurement of £400,000 in Seed funding from Czech venture capital fund Presto Ventures. This investment is primarily aimed at escalating the product's presence in Central and Eastern Europe and introducing Getpin into the Latin American markets. Roman Novacek, a Partner at Presto Ventures, lauded Getpin's founder, Volodymyr Leshchenko, for his exceptional commitment and the company's resilience during tumultuous periods like the pandemic and conflict.

Expanding Client Base:

Presently, Getpin boasts a clientele of over 100 companies across Central and Eastern Europe, encompassing a range from large enterprises to small businesses. Prominent clients include Nova Poshta, Oschadbank FUIB, Stihl, and the Podorozhnyk pharmacy chain in Ukraine, as well as Pekao Bank in Poland.

Innovative Business Solutions:

Getpin's technological platform offers a holistic solution for businesses to manage their digital presence. Users can effortlessly edit details of business locations, oversee customer reviews from diverse sources, elevate their average ratings through feedback moderation, and disseminate company news and offers uniformly. This comprehensive approach has led to a minimum 30% increase in visits to client locations, enhanced search engine visibility, and optimised business processes.

Advancements through AI:

Since 2022, Getpin has incorporated AI solutions to augment its services. These advancements include detecting issues in business information display, autonomous review processing, and creating texts and photos for posts. This strategic integration of AI highlights Getpin's commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technological developments.

Team Growth and Global Ambitions:

With a team of 27 specialists across Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Spain, and Romania, Getpin is expanding ambitiously. The company is recruiting Country Managers in the CEE and LATAM regions, along with sales and marketing experts. CEO Volodymyr Leshchenko stresses the importance of shared values, humour, and irony in cultivating a transparent and effective multicultural organisation.

Strategic Partnerships:

Getpin is eager to collaborate with advertising agencies and product companies, offering various partnership models such as reseller, white label, or referral programmes. These partnerships are bolstered with comprehensive technical, service, training, and marketing support.

The Founding Years:

Getpin was established in August 2019 by IT entrepreneur Volodymyr Leshchenko, starting with an angel investment from Brise Capital. Focused on customer requirements, Getpin expanded into Estonia and Poland, securing grants and forming key partnerships, notably with Bank Pekao S.A.

Getpin's narrative is a powerful endorsement of the potential for start-ups to attain global eminence through innovation, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast focus on customer needs. With its recent funding and expansion initiatives, Getpin is well-positioned to become a frontrunner in the global market, revolutionising the way businesses manage their digital footprint.

Written By: Raphael Carrondo