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For experienced entrepreneurs, scale-ups with their own teams, innovation projects or spin-offs just looking for funding for growth.

How it works

We work on investment seasons throughout the year. These do not have specific dates to be released as they are depending on the volume of startups we are currently working on. When the season is closed you can register your interest below, we will send you a notification when the next season opens.

It is free to register and to apply for investment during an investment season. Ensure your business match the investment season criteria.

When a season is closed you can still submit your application for a fee. We do not run fundraising campaigns, however, we will review and introduce solid projects to our network of sophisticated investors and venture capitalists.

What is the process?

During an investment season.

Stage 1: Complete and submit your application.
• We will begin to review applications the day after the season closes.
• We will shortlist projects once we have reviewed all applications (around 14 days after season closure)

Stage 2: Shortlisted projects will be contacted.
• Virtual presentation of the project with the SVB team.
• Time frame: 20 minutes presentation + 10-15 minutes Q &A.
• Projects moving forward will be contacted (timeline TBD).

Stage 3: Second presentation with investors.
• Time frame: 20 minutes presentation + 15-20 minutes Q &A.
• Applications moving forward will be contacted (timeline TBD).

Stage 4: Finalists will be contacted by investors directly.

There are available seasons at the moment. Register your interest here.

What is the process?

Outside an investment season.

You can submit your application to get funded if a season is closed for a fee.

The fee is £2390 (VAT included) to submitting your application and a 5% success fee .
This is to ensure we remain focused on the startups we are working with. A full analysis and validation of the information you provided will be conducted before it is presented to our network.

The fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee your project will be presented to our network. Be aware that our network does include fundraisers working on a success fee that may contact you. If one of these fundraisers secure investment for you our 5% success fee will be waived .

If your project is not investment ready it won't be presented to our network , however, we can still support it with our services or mentorship membership. To learn more about how we can help you visit for more information .

Stage 1:
Payment of fee.

Stage 2:
Complete and submit the application via our project onboarding portal.
• Internal evaluation and revision of the information submitted (5-10 working days).

Stage 3:
An invitation to present your project via a virtual meeting (45-60 minutes presentation + 30-60 minutes Q &A).

Stage 4:
Due diligence, benchmarking and business investigation.

Stage 5:
Introduction to our network. Investors will contact you at their discretion.

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