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Find the perfect project or startup to invest in

We evaluate, review and present you projects or startups matching the criteria you are looking for.
These projects are aimed at sophisticated investors and corporates actively looking to invest or open for opportunities. 

Partner with us to grow your investment portfolio by investing in one project/startup that fits your investment criteria at the time or diversify your risk by investing in a batch of companies.

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How it works

Entrepreneurs/Startups apply to one of our investment programs. Projects that we decide to partner with, or pass our qualification criteria are presented to you depending on your criteria and profile.

As a sophisticated investor, you can register as:

Passively searching

• Complete your profile and the type of projects or companies you would like to receive investment opportunities from. 

• Should we receive projects that match your investment criteria, we will send you the documentation for your consideration.
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Sponsor of an investment season

• Design your criteria for companies to be presented such as maturity and/or industry.

• Tell us what level of investment you are willing to invest.

• We will actively look for companies/projects that match your requirements.

• We will present you a number of companies, you can invest in one or several startups or projects per season to minimize risk.

• Choose to invest in complementary companies in the same vertical

Investment seasons

We can open investment seasons to screen projects based on your investment profile, portfolio or strategy. We can partner and/or invest in human capital for executive functions with these startups or projects to minimize your investment risk.

Partner with Startup Venture Builder to identify, research and filter opportunities according to your investment strategy goals.
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