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Jun 16, 2023 3:16:24 PM | Trends Startup Hunter

The economy is in constant transformation. And this leads to progressive changes in the market as well. Thus, new business models, products, services and, consequently, new professions emerge.

The economy is constantly evolving, leading to progressive changes in the market. As a result, new business models, products, services, and consequently, new professions emerge.

In the current market reality, where startups play an important role, it is worth highlighting the emergence of a new professional. With a critical role in this scenario, where a new way of doing business has developed, the Startup Hunter is certainly one of the professions of the future!

To better understand the role of a Startup Hunter, we can draw a parallel with the traditional figure of a Head Hunter. While the latter is responsible for discovering new professional talents aligned with the needs of a company, the Startup Hunter is responsible for connecting organizations with startups that provide solutions to their problems.

But the big question is: what does this new professional look like? What is their background, and what are their attributes? Defining the characteristics and expectations of a Startup Hunter is crucial in an increasingly gig economy-driven market.

The Profile of a Startup Hunter

You probably already understand that a Startup Hunter is the professional responsible for connecting large companies, corporations, and investors with startups that bring the solutions they are seeking. They accelerate disruptive innovation within these corporations by introducing them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups. But for these relationships to be fruitful, both for the organization and the startup, a successful match is essential.

Updated with market trends

Therefore, the Startup Hunter must constantly stay updated with the latest trends in terms of products and services available in the market, as well as which startups offer these solutions.

Vision and understanding of customer pain points

Knowing the solutions available in the market is not enough. The Startup Hunter needs to accurately identify the needs and pain points of a company and discover which startups can address them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Evaluation of business models and traction

For this identification to be possible, the Startup Hunter must have the ability to correctly evaluate different business models and the traction of startups. This largely determines whether the connections will be satisfactory and profitable. Therefore, professionals with a background or experience in business administration have an advantage.

Knowledge of talent and human resources

For a startup to thrive, it takes more than a brilliant idea. It requires a team capable of turning that idea into reality efficiently. Therefore, the Startup Hunter should also have the ability to assess the talents and teamwork of a startup. Thus, a background in psychology and human resources is also helpful.

Networking abilities

It is the role of the Startup Hunter to bridge the gap between organizations and stay updated on the latest developments. Therefore, they need to attend events and build good relationships to always be aware of what is happening and have the right contacts to close deals.

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Written By: Marco Santos